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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Folder Tweaker,The Best Method to Beautify Your Folders...

Folder Tweaker (I abbreviated "FT") is a software or applications that have two main functions. Its function is to change a folder icon and replace the background.
There are some advantages that we can use FT. We can choose own icon and image/picture that we wish to install to the folder that we want to modify.
In addition, the FT we can add info tip (= paper that will appear when a folder is highlighted or when the mouse cursor right on the top of the folder).
Unfortunately, this only Folder Tweaker only provides 2 color as the color of text in the modified folder, exactly black and white.

Click here to download...

How to Use it???
Here I will explain how to use this software.
First, run this software first. A new window will appear as below ...

Choose folder that we wanna modify, for example I choose a folder named "games".

Then a new window will appear as below.
Here you choose to live icon, image, and text color.
You can also add an info tip to the folder.

After you have finished selecting, click the OK button.
Do not be surprised if the application is suddenly out automatically, because that's the application.
Now you can enjoy a more beautiful folder and interesting.
Little information, if you want to modify another folder you have to run this application again.
Hopefully useful ...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Newest Mcafee Stinger Antivirus

I have posted before that stinger is a portable antivirus from mcafee.
Now I have a good news to everyone.
The developer of this antivirus has developed the newer stinger.

They are some improvements that included.
The thread or virus database has increased.
Beside, it can detect more conficker variants.
So we can use it to detect many more viruses.

For information, we can use these parameters below to the file shortcut.

* /ADL - Scan all local drives.
* /GO - Start scanning immediately.
* /LOG - Save the log file after scans.
* /SILENT - Do not display graphical interface.

It's the steps to use the parameters...

First, you must create a shortcut from the stinger appication file (I suggest you to place

it to the desktop because it will easy to run the stinger).

Then, right click to the shortcut. And choose properties.

In the properties window there is a text box named Target.
You can see text like this below...


You just have to write the parameter after the text.
And here are the result...(for example)

D:\STinger\stinger1001546.exe /ADL

Make sure that there is a space between the file location and the parameter.
To use multiple parameter you should separate parameter one and the other parameter by space.

Click here to download the newest stinger antivirus.

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